Command Palette

 28th October 2020 at 10:50pm

现在有个看起来非常有竞争力的 uTools。Electron based,有很多实用小工具,品味不错。但是代码闭源。后续可能会支持自定义插件。

Native Implements

Mac OS has several good softwares that inspire many of other implements. They are Alfred and Spotlight. But Spotlight lacks of plugin mechanism and the community has contributed a unofficial solution.


  • No preview
  • Many plugins
  • Bad taste of UI / UX
  • Not maintained any more


Keypirinha is very flexible and elegant. You can write plugins in Python. The problem is that it does not has a preview panel.

Cross-platform Implements (Most based on Electron)

With PreviewPluginsNote
KELiON/cerebroYesManyNot under development

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