Responsive Web Design

 20th August 2020 at 2:19pm


这个条目同时包括设计上的和编码实现上的内容。比如 CSS 的 Media Query 会在这里指及(但是也应该有单独的条目)。内容待学习响应式设计时再补充完整。

Versus M-dot sites

事实上并不是全部网站都会使用 RWD 做一套 PC 端和移动端统一的网页。比如 Twitter、Facebook,它们的移动端是单独的页面。这类移动端网站一般以 m. 开头,比如。Learning Web Design Ch03 对此有非常好的解读:

The point here is that Responsive Web Design is not a universal solution. For sites that feature mainly text content, a little layout adjustment may be all that is needed to deliver a good reading experience on all devices. For complex sites and web applications, a very different experience may be preferred.
The downside of a dedicated mobile site is that it is more than twice the work. It requires additional content planning, design templates, production time, and ongoing maintenance. But if it means giving your visitors the functionality they need, it is worth the investment.