Startup: Business: Technical Audit

 20th August 2020 at 2:19pm 提供 技术审查 的服务。它审查的内容包含:架构审查、技术审查。

架构审查耗时一天,定价固定为 30000 卢布(折合 ¥3300),会输出这些内容:

  1. Will your system allow further changes?
  2. Will you be able to easily change the team in case you will need to? And do you really need to change it?
  3. Is the code quality acceptable? It may contain things that will make it impossible to continue the development of this project
  4. Is it easier to rewrite everything from scratch? Sometimes it is, but often it is not

技术审查耗时一天,定价为每个 bug 1000 卢布(折合人民币 110 元)。Bug 的定义为:

  1. Bad design decisions
  2. Something is not clear from the docs and the code itself (readability issues)
  3. Coding style issues (if there is no coding style in the project, then we use our own)
  4. Not following best-practices (defined by the documentation or the community)
  5. General errors
  6. Not creating project’s issues properly