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 20th August 2020 at 2:19pm

案例信息来自 IndieHackers 页面采访


一开始 Rodolphe Dutel 加入了一个远程工作的公司。他朋友希望他写一些远程工作的经验,于是他在 Medium 写了一些 tips,并被选为当天热文 #3。于是他设想搞一个邮件列表,分享远程工作经验,并在 Medium 文章中放入了订阅链接。他成功吸引到一批人订阅,但是他并不知道他能提供什么有价值的内容,于是他向每个订阅者写了一封欢迎邮件,并在邮件中询问对方期望获得怎样的信息。结果很多人回复了他。

我觉得直接询问你的受众是个非常好的方法,值得借鉴。另外他在这个过程中,利用 LinkedIn 的 插件 可以看到对方邮箱所对应的 LinkedIn 账号的信息,也帮他理解了受众的背景。

后来他们做了自己的网站,提供了一个订阅入口。并且在网站上放了个 Jobs 入口,但是这个功能实际上是未开发出来的,点进这个入口后会有一个 TypeForm 问卷,会问访客想找的工作类别等信息。



  • 不投放广告,依赖于社交媒体,主要是 Twitter。同时 All-in ProductHunt(估计是在社交媒体做宣传、利用一些影响力大的人帮忙推广),在 PH 上成绩不错,得到一定曝光,转化率不错
  • 后来他建立了一些 Google 表格,用来共享数据,比如这个 2019 年远程工作者的薪酬、地域等信息的 表格
  • 好的内容,持续地为受众带来价值


  • Newsletter Ads: We charge businesses $850 to get in front of 25k remote workers. We vet advertisers, only one Ad per email & two newsletters/month.
  • Job board: Remote startups place Job Ads with us, paying $299-$448 for a 30-day feature. This is our main source of revenue.
  • Community: Our Slack community is a virtual co-working space for remote workers. Currently 1,300+ members. Priced $149/lifetime access or $99/yr
  • Companies: We offer remote employer branding services, promoting remote startups. Packages start at $799/mo. Enquire anytime ;)
  • Leadership: A private Discourse where leaders of remote teams network and share. Approved applicants pay $25/mo or $250/yr.
  • Misc: On and off special deals, such as display deals, courses, partnerships, etc.

主要在网站功能(工作板),配合付费圈子(Slack 及 Discourse)、咨询服务、广告和付费课程等。


In 2014, I decided to answer that question my friends kept asking about how to land a great remote job. I had plenty of experience by then, and it felt like something I could easily speak to.
So I blogged about it. My colleagues shared the post on social media and the timing was just right. Tons of people were curious about remote work, since NomadList had come out a few months earlier. Yet few people had worked remotely before. My article went viral on Medium, so I added a free MailChimp capture form and collected 100+ emails. One month later, I launched Remotive as "a newsletter on Remote Work" on Product Hunt, and we were #1 on launch day!